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Beautifully Colored Professionally Bred Bengals

Professionally bred Bengals are not easy to find. At Anademant Bengals, we are professional Bengal cat breeders offering our beautiful kittens for sale nationwide. We specialize in breeding for exceptional characteristics that make our kittens stand out from the crowd. Our amazing kittens with black donut rosettes and good temperaments are available for purchase nationwide.

Bengal Kittens with High-Quality Markings

Quality Counts

You may be able to find Bengal kittens priced lower elsewhere, but they will not have the same quality-bred remarkable features and vivid colors that are shown on websites and in magazines. Our Bengals have those high-quality markings because we invest our time and money in evaluating, nurturing, and raising superior studs and queens. We breed for highly desired features and characteristics, such as:

  • Wild-Looking Large Cats
  • Fully Glittered Coats With Sharp Contrast
  • Plush, Soft, & Clear Fur
  • Whitened Tummies
  • Black Donut Rosettes
  • Full Whisker Pads
  • Thick Blunt Tails
  • Small Ears
  • Long Bodies
  • Good Temperaments


Our cats meet the highest standards for marking, color, pattern, bone structure, and personality. Because of that, our excellently bred, leopard-spotted Bengals are highly sought after and sell quickly. Reserve your darling Bengal today with a deposit that guarantees your place in line for the next available kitten from your preferred litter or price range, including:

  • Pet price: $1,800 - $2,000 & Up
  • Breeder price: $3000 - $4,500 & Up