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Anademant Bengals breeds champion-bloodline Bengal cats available for purchase and delivery nationwide. Many of our cats met with great success in cat shows, so we decided to breed these beautiful animals professionally to provide premium litters for others to enjoy and show.

Our cats have striking features; rich, vibrant-colored coats; and bold markings. Their crisp rosettes and powerful genetic traits make our cats stand apart from the rest. We raise our kittens one or two litters per year in our own home in Mount Vernon, Washington. We hold them, love them, and integrate them into our family environment so that they are completely socially equipped when they leave us.

Our kittens have adorable personalities and make excellent show cats, breeding cats, and valued family pets. We offer a health guarantee on all of our well-loved cats, and we register them with The International Cat Association (TICA)™ on your behalf. Our quality animals are available to customers nationwide.

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