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Beautiful and sweet young adult male bengal available for re-homing - $1400

Neutered and ready for a new family

DOB - July 15, 2021

Vince is a gentle young male, playful, enjoys human company all the time. Owner's favorite :)  Would be a great company for someone who is retired or staying home for most of the time and wants a furry friend. Beautiful high quality markings, silky coat, champion bloodline pedigree, TICA registered. Neutered, fully immunized. Vince has eye pupil size difference, which is not affecting his vision. Please complete our "kitten application" if you are interested in having him as your best furry friend.




Beautiful and sweet adult female bengal available for re-homing

Chimaera is a beautiful, three year old Bengal (born January 2019). She is inquisitive and cuddly and bright. She loves to sleep on our feet at night, lounges the afternoons away in our son's sunny bedroom, and wrestles her favorite cat toys and pillows in her spare time. She enjoys kneading on blankets and drinking water from the bathtub, as well as demanding affection from her favorite humans when they're eating (she loves fresh-cooked chicken and canned tuna). She will often give high fives and stand on her hind legs when there are treats involved. She can be quite talkative when she wants attention.


She has lived in our home for the past three years with her brother, but has recently been displaying anxious behavior that seems to indicate she would like to be the one and only "baby" of the family; namely marking outside the litter box. We've also noticed some extra vocalizing (demanding our attention?), while also avoiding the litter box or her food dish whenever brother is around. She and her brother are both a little sensitive to noises and get startled easily, but this seems to have gotten worse lately for Chimaera.


We love our sweet girl and are heartbroken at the prospect of letting her go, but we feel it would be best for all of us if she were to become part of a new family. Truthfully, she doesn't seem happy to us these days, and we're not sure of any way to help her be happy in our busy household. We're looking for a home that is calm and quiet, with no other pets or small children (she gets along with our two kids, but they are old enough to know how to be careful with the cats and respect their boundaries. She gets somewhat jumpy when the kids are loud or silly). Priority to someone who is able to be home with her a fair amount of the day, where she will receive lots of affection and have a lap to warm.


She has been recently checked by the vet for UTI or any other infection, with a clean bill of health. She is spayed, microchipped, has received her kitten vaccinations, and has never been outdoors or exposed to any other cats.


Rehoming will include a bag of her dry food and a box of her current litter, as well as her favorite cat toys and treats help with transition. We have been giving her an oral anti-anxiety drug, and been using Feliway pheromone spray to help her avoid marking previous spots. We'll be happy to supply a small amount of both to help ease her transition to her new home.


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